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It is rightly said that your home or office is the reflection of ‘YOU’ – your personality, your style, your taste!! Hence, it is important to keep your home or office impeccably clean, because it personifies your taste and professionalism. Moreover, a clean home or office is the key to a healthy lifestyle, protecting you and your family from harmful diseases and health complications, which has its roots in uncleanliness.

Don’t like to perform the daily chores of cleaning and household activities? Is your office cleaning company not providing services up to the mark? Why waste your valuable time in cleaning when you can hire a professional service provider who can deliver quality services at cost-effective prices? Most households perform their own cleaning services, not knowing there are hidden corners of the room which they are leaving behind. Moreover, it is drastically intimidating for anyone to take up the laborious task of comprehensive cleaning and janitorial activities. Offices may hire a cleaning service provider, but they often charge exorbitantly and do not perform as expected. This is where professional cleaning services at a competitive price come into the picture, providing you complete peace of mind.

A Trusted Cleaning Company

We provide helping hands around your home and office. Our trusted home cleaning services offer a reliable and reluctant use of machines by our trained staff not only for your safety but also for the safety of our staff members. This is the only reason we are the most trusted cleaning company among our competitors because we only engage trained staff members, no hidden extra charges, safety measurements and with no past criminal records.

Our core services are in offices and ideal are an established and trusted provider in this field. At ideal we manage the services for and on behalf of our clients and our management teams are adept at reviewing work programmes and schedules to maximise efficiencies, exceed the specification and provide real value for your money.

Our Service Include

Washroom Services

The complete range of washroom services from the provision and servicing of sanitary vending and disposal, through sharps and medical disposal, urinal hygiene and water control, to hand towel, soap and washroom consumables.

Window Cleaning

Regular and periodical cleaning of all internal and external glazing, specialist services ranging from reach and wash pure water pole systems to high level and abseil techniques.

Flooring and Carpet Cleaning

Periodic Hard Floor Maintenance, Strip and Seal, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning comes under our best maintenance categories.

Periodical Deep Cleaning

Kitchen, Canteen and Toilet Deep Cleans, Ceiling, Walls, Light Fittings and Blinds Deep Cleaning, IT, Computer and Technical Area Deep Cleans.

Why Choose Us

Fully Managed Service

Brighten Serv Australia has a relatively flat management structure a team playing an active role in the management and tracking of service quality, customer care and value for money of contracts. We offer a Head Supervisor performing on-site inspections for quality and fulfilling the role of customer liaison and point of contact.

Fully Trained Staff

Our cleaning operatives whether regular or newly recruited staff, receive Brighten Serve’s Hands on Training, which includes instruction on:

  • Health and Safety at work
  • Control of Hazardous to Health related issues
  • The safe use of disinfectants or chemicals
  • The Cleaning Specification and Customer Care

Quality Assurance

We conduct regular audits and inspections of our works to ensure that standards are consistently achieved and the agreed Key Performance Indicators are met or bettered. Each month we meet with our customers to conduct a Service Review and we ask them to score our performance by means of a simple 1 to 5 Score Sheet. With 3 as the acceptable score, we investigate and report on all instances where scores of 2 or less are given; likewise, where a score drops by 1 or more points from month to month.

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