Our clients choose us, and stay with us.

We have a unique client retention success rate at Brighten Services Australia, it’s unique because we’re uniquely set up to provide a tailored service for you.

We make it work for you.

Integration is important. We integrate our team with yours. We make our technology work for you.

We are accountable.

A dedicated point of contact, as well as direct access to senior management and managing director. Customised and detailed reporting regarding performance.

We care.

We allocate adequate resources and facilities to ensure quality of product and service compliance with agreed specifications. We are committed to providing, promoting and maintaining a healthy and safe working environment.

We have the right people.

Our company supports equal opportunity in employment, and the belief that all employees must be treated with respect, fairness and provided natural justice. We value and respect the diversity of our workforce and aim to provide an environment that encourages job satisfaction.

We take it personally.

We are independent and we do not outsource our work. We have a dedicated team who is flexible. And it means everything we do for you, is right for you.

We advise and innovate.

Our experience gives us the edge. We understand the logistical issues, but also the strategic ones. We are ideally placed to develop effective methods that minimises costs without compromising on the service delivery.

Paperless quality control.

Quality Inspection Reports.

For years, delivering and ensuring a quality cleaning service was about paper reports and checklists. And this did not work. Slick sales presentations followed up with clipboards and contracts do not ensure quality service. Brighten Services iAuditor is the software package that tackles service delivery and quality control from an entirely different angle: a focus on transparency, real-time data, and collaboration.

Monthly inspection reports shall be forwarded to the Property Manager for reference and review.

Full Transparency & Accountability.

We do not just talk about quality—we prove quality. No gimmicks or cover ups.

You see the quality of our service in real-time as inspections are performed, complete with photos for additional verification. Everything that happens is documented, logged and easily accessible. Whether it is an inspection or a service alert from a building occupant—you have a complete audit trail for future reference.

Quantifiable Effectiveness.

Our analytics help identify weak spots BEFORE they turn into problems, and track corrections and improvement over time. View the complete performance history of our service. With your own personal online dashboard, you can quantify exactly how effective our service is.

Connect with us and we’ll look after you.

We are here to elevate your service, while minimising costs. We have the expertise, networks and technologies.