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From residential to commercial, our team has over 15 years of experience in interior design, garden design, hospitality design and landscaping. Reshaping how home owners, businesses, employees and customers interact within the space, while balancing form with function. Using another aspect of design, we can also help hospitality venue enhance its brand image and workflow efficiency, creating an overall better space for employees and customers.

Unlock your space’s potential through design.

Interior design.

If you have recently acquired, building or looking to renovate your home but you are unsure of the design potential your space has, Brighten Services’ design consultation team can help you transform your home into the space you want to live in, while balancing form with function. We can help you create your dream space, for you, with you.

From furniture and flooring layout, selection and procurement; to lighting and window treatments; colour design consultation and wall decor, to having commissioned artwork created by our in-house artist; these services are tailored for every client.

Garden design & landscaping:

Extend the design flow out into your backyard with garden and landscaping design advice from our team. Whether you are wanting to change the space you entertain in, or alter the space you grow your fruits and vegetables in, we offer tailored horticultural and design knowledge, with a focus on sustainable design.

From soft to hard landscaping, to plant and lighting selection, the exterior of your home should be enjoyed as much as inside the home. Our design team will work with you to establish how you want to use your garden, the plants you want to be surrounded with, and the maintenance required, while offering years of valuable knowledge to help you live in your own oasis.

Hospitality design.

Does your hospitality venue stand out from your competitors with striking interior design and branding solutions? Is your hospitality venue flowing with the most efficiency for employees and customers? If you are looking for an interior design solution to revamp your image, or to help your hospitality service run smoother, Brighten Services’  design consultation team can help you determine the most efficient work flow for your employees, while creating a quality space for customers to enjoy, return and tell about to their friends.

With decades of industry knowledge, our team has worked within a diverse range of front and back of house hospitality operations. We deeply understand the importance of work flow efficiency, for safer workspaces, easier work practices, happier employees and smoother transactions between customers. While also valuing the importance of commercial interior design principles, from how customers dine, interact and move around a hospitality venue in accordance to design and information flow through signages.

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