Flawless window cleaning to rejuvenate your space.

No matter your location throughout Melbourne’s metropolitan area the skilled and passionate team at Brighten Services are on hand to provide commercial clients with a superior level of cleaning solutions. No matter the size or shape of the rooms that you want clean our dedicated and highly-trained team will rejuvenate your space thanks to our unmatched approach. Using non-toxic and effective cleaning supplies members of our team can offer second-to-none window cleaning services to homes and businesses across Melbourne.

Enhance working conditions with dust-free & spotless windows.

Interior & Exterior.

At Brighten Services we ensure that both the exterior and interior of the window are flawlessly cleaned without a single spot left behind. Not just limited to cleaning the pane we also ensure that the frame is dust-free and reflects the cleanliness of the cleaned window. Once we have thoroughly cleaned your windows you will have an uninterrupted view of the world outside your office, improving the aesthetics and feel of the property’s interior.

Spotless mirror finish.

Thanks to our experience in window cleaning we have helped clients across Melbourne brighten up their properties. Whether of a commercial, industrial, or other nature we can ensure that the windows cleaned by our team do not retain stains caused by salt water, pollution, or pests. To speak to our outstanding and reliable team about our window cleaning rates clients in and around Melbourne can contact us today. At Brighten Services we are here to make your world cleaner.

Increase visibility with non-toxic window cleaning.

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