Professional, compliant & resident centric cleaning services.

We provide comprehensive services which comprises of general day-to-day cleaning of floors, furniture, nursing stations, living areas, sleeping rooms, restrooms and communal and kitchen areas. It also includes maintenance of outdoor areas, pool cleaning, laundry, waste management and bin re-lining. Should you need it, we will also manage your consumables such as replacement of such items as restroom paper products, hand towels, soap and soap dispensers, sanitising dispensers, and placement and/or replacement of air freshener dispensers. Thanks to our extensive services nursing and retirement facilities can rely on Brighten Services for thorough aged care cleaning solutions.

Professional cleaning without any disruptions.

Cleaning aged care facilities.

Aged care facilities have special daily cleaning requirements and a lot of attention to detail has to be given in this regard. Our team of dedicated and highly trained cleaning staff have years of experience in cleaning nursing homes and aged-care facilities.

We understand that a healthy and clean living environment is crucial for the aged and the elderly living in aged care facilities and therefore give extra care and effort to ensure that the aged care home is always maintained in spotless conditions. Most importantly our cleaners will carry out their work without disrupting the daily schedule of aged-care residents and the nursing and allied health staff who care for them.

Thorough & extra care to ensure spotless conditons.

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