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    Start Your Christmas Cleaning Service Planning

    Posted on November 21,2016
    By Doug Williams

    It is slightly scary to think that there is little over a month until Christmas and a well-deserved break. However, before picking up your beach towel, have you consider how your business is going to be looked after while everyone is away?

    During the holiday season and the lead-up, it is not uncommon for the cleaning requirements to change. Your business may find that with fewer people, your premises require less cleaning. The opposite can also happen, with holiday parties and extra traffic, your office may require additional cleaning outside of the regular cleaning schedule.

    To determine whether your office will require some extra TLC or an alternative schedule for the holiday period, consider the following areas:

    • Carpets

    Carpets are areas that are challenging to determine if they are truly dirty. Regular vacuuming removes most of the surface dirt, but a deep cleaning is important to remove the particles embedded in the pile. The holiday period is a great time to conduct a thorough deep cleaning when it has ample time to dry without any foot traffic.

    • Hard floors

    Mopping, while necessary for daily cleanliness, cannot prevent all the dirt from building up throughout the year. For tiled floors, a scrubbing with a machine might just bring new life back to your flooring. Vinyl and other hard floors should also be regularly treated with sealants and repolished to maintain your flooring’s condition.

    • Windows

    Windows are extremely obvious when dirty and with new technology it costs even less to hire the high access window washing platforms. Over time the interior windows also gain a cloudy film building up which creates an unpleasant and obvious dirty surface. If there are fingerprints or a film over the glass, consider getting the entire set cleaned for back to work.

    These are the main areas to look at when deciding if you need additional services or a big holiday clean-up over the break. Also, consider the ceiling tiles, air-conditioning outlets, walls, blinds and any cupboards when planning the clean. It is a lot easier to carry out these important tasks with a commercial office cleaning service over the holiday period when empty or with a reduced staff.

    If you are considering your holiday cleaning plans, contact us at Brighten Services for a cleaning schedule tailored to your situation.


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