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    Points to Follow Before Signing Office Cleaning Contracts in Melbourne

    Before finalising office cleaning contracts in Melbourne, a few points should be scrupulously followed. It must be kept in mind that office cleaning is a much specialised activity and only the best in business should do for you. A clean and sparkling office space says much about your work ethos and should create a favourable impression on a client when he walks in through the door.

    Before signing on the dotted line, you should ensure a few aspects about the cleaning service taking into account your future and projected requirements.

    • Credibility and market reputation – Check testimonials of previous and present clients and whether the agency has handled offices at least of your size if not more. This will give you an idea about their ability to deliver top class services.
    • Available infrastructure. The cleaning contactor should have trained and experienced cleaners with specialised equipment. They should be able to clean office premises even if it is spread out over multiple floors.
    • Flexible cleaning routine – The cleaning routine every day has to be completed outside working hours so as not to get in the way of employees when they come in for work. This is irrespective of the office timings. If different departments in your office have shift timings, the cleaners should come in accordingly.
    • Bonded and fully insured – The company should be licensed, bonded and fully insured. Check whether the cleaners have had their antecedents police verified before being hired. This is important from the security point of view.
    • Use of mild and green cleaning solutions – Most owners today insist that mild, non-toxic cleaning solutions be used before signing office cleaning contracts in Melbourne. This is to ensure a fresh and safe office environment.

    Since only the best office cleaners should do for your office, you’ll do well to sign a contract with Brighten Services, Australia. We are based in Melbourne but our area of operations extends to the suburbs too. Our cleaners are especially trained in this field and we will adjust our cleaning routines based on your convenience. We are a fully bonded and insured company and you can be sure about the security of your office equipment and documents when our cleaners arrive for work.

    For more information on our office cleaning services in Melbourne, call now!


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