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  • Hiring Professional Services for Commercial Cleaning in Melbourne

    Posted on May 2,2016
    By Nick

    An office or any commercial establishment for that matter is the face of a business and it is only natural that it should be kept well maintained at all times. It is good for employee morale and boosts productivity and also impresses existing and potential clients when they visit you. Given this scenario, it is always advisable to hire professional and expert services for commercial cleaning in Melbourne.  

    What are the factors that should be carefully considered before choosing and selecting a commercial cleaning company?

    • Go through testimonials and references – Ask for references from previous clients and read the testimonials on their website.
    • Infrastructure available – Check the set-up of the company. They should have necessary trained and experienced manpower and equipment to handle commercial establishments of any size ranging from small offices to those spread out over multiple floors.
    • Structure convenient cleaning schedules – The cleaners should be able to finish their work outside your working hours so as not to get in the way of your staff. If different departments of your establishment maintain separate timings, the cleaning schedule should be structured accordingly whatever maybe the time of day or night.
    • Use of mild cleaning solutions – Make sure that the company you decide on for commercial cleaning in Melbourne uses non-toxic, mild and chemical free cleaning solutions. This is crucial for maintaining a healthy and clean environment.
    • Licensed and insured – The cleaning agency should be fully licensed and insured. Check if their cleaners have had their antecedents police verified before being hired. This is important for the safety and security of your organisation.

    One of the top companies for commercial cleaning in Melbourne is Brighten Services Australia. Our team of experienced and well trained cleaners have the ability to clean offices regardless of its size and location. We structure our cleaning routines based on your convenient timings and always finish out job well outside your office hours. We are a fully licensed, insured and bonded cleaning company and consistently deliver excellent results.

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