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    Moving Office? Exit and Moving Cleaning Strategies

    Posted on December 23,2016
    By Nick

    It’s the end of the year and many businesses are looking at moving out of their premises to start the year afresh in a new office. However, to make the process smooth and clean, there are a few important aspects to consider before moving.

    The New Office Layout

    Regardless of the reasons you are moving, before moving check to ensure the new premises does not have any specialised cleaning requirement or cleaning changes that were not in the old office. When picking a premise, check that the office is simply furnished with easily cleaned surfaces. It is also important to check on how much space you actually need. A large unused floor space will only inflate the cleaning service price, and if you do not use it, consider downsizing.

    Cleaning the Old Premises

    When moving out of your old place, you will definitely need an office and commercial cleaning service to ensure the property is left in decent condition for the next business moving in. At the same time consider getting your new office cleaned to begin the year with a clean start.

    New Policies

    When moving, it can also be a great time to implement some new rules or policies like a clean desk policy. When employees are in a new environment, they are more likely to implement and adapt to changes. When simple cleaning rules can have a dramatic impact on productivity, why wouldn’t you consider shaking things up?

    Let People Know

    Don’t forget to let your cleaning service know you are leaving along with your customers. Particularly if you do not frequently see your clients, it can be easy to forget to inform all of them that you are moving, which can result in losing your loyal customer base. Advertise your move on your website, email loyal customers and don’t forget to let your cleaning contract know well in advance of your move. At that point, they may also let you know about any special moving strategies or schedules that will make the transition as easily as possible.

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