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    How Often Should I get my Premises Cleaned?

    Posted on December 13,2016
    By Doug Williams

    Cleaning is an important part of a business’s presentation, with a clean environment adding the atmosphere. At Brighten Service, we have been cleaning for many years and understand how important it is for the overall presentation of a business. However, one of the main questions we get asked is how often should a business be undertaking office cleaning in Melbourne.

    Our answer is always – It depends!

    Every business is different with unique and often complex requirements; however, businesses can ask themselves two main questions to understand how a cleaning schedule might work for them.

    The size and type of business

    Naturally the bigger and busier your business, the more it will get dirty and subsequently require cleaning. If the premises is big enough, it may take your cleaners all week to finish, with the week finishing with a completely clean office, only to start again.

    The type of industry it is in will also have a major impact on the cleaning schedule. Industries like childcare, hospitality and the medical industry all require detailed, frequent cleaning due to government regulations or policies. However, for marketing, real estate and other service based offices, they may only require cleaning once or twice a week.

    The Cleaning Required

    What type of cleaning are you attempting to outsource? Some tasks if outsourced to a professional cleaning service may require daily attendance, while other services like floors requiring more periodic services. Hard floors and tiles need to be cleaned at least once a year, with carpet requiring a professional shampoo every six months. The type of cleaning service you require will create the biggest impact on your cleaning schedule.

    The appearance of your office and commercial premises has a direct effect on both employees and your customers, so it is important to carefully consider what cleaning schedule is right for your business’s particular needs. Not only does a clean office boost worker’s productivity, but it also generates a reputation in the mind of consumers and future business partners.

    At Brighten Service, we recognise that a cleaning service, it not just a matter of cleanliness, it is also an investment in the productivity and reputation of your business. So, if you require a local office and commercial cleaning service in Melbourne, contact us today to discover our customised cleaning schedules. After trying our service, you’ll wonder what you did without us.

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