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  • Hire Professional Services for Commercial Cleaning in Melbourne

    Posted on July 28,2016
    By Nick

    Retail office cleaning or commercial cleaning in Melbourne is a complex procedure. Unlike domestic cleaning where the timing is generally fixed and there is not much variance in the cleaning routine, commercial cleaning is far more complex and difficult. It is therefore imperative that you follow a few pointers before awarding a contract.

    The first point that you should focus on is the credibility of the cleaning contractors. Ensure that they are licensed, fully insured and bonded. Top companies have background checks of cleaners done by police before hiring them. It is the safety and security of your office at stake so you need to be very particular on this point. Check the testimonials from previous and present customers to be doubly sure.

    Verify the infrastructure of the cleaning company, especially their ability to structure cleaning routines as per your convenience. Many commercial establishments have shift timings, especially industries and factories. The cleaners should be able to come in and finish the work outside business hours whatever be the time of the day or night.

    Another factor that needs to be considered is the level of expertise of the cleaners. They should be trained, experienced and absolutely dependable and trustworthy. In any office there will be important documents on the table overnight and expensive equipment like computers and servers. The cleaning should be done without disturbing these in any manner.

    There is one more aspect that has acquired a great deal of importance in the present business environment so far as commercial cleaning in Melbourne is concerned and that is the cleaning solutions used. Traditional types with harsh and toxic chemicals must be avoided and the cleaning contractors should use mild and green products that will not adversely affect the health of your employees.

    One of the top companies for commercial cleaning in Melbourne including retail office cleaning is Brighten Services, Australia. We are a fully licensed and insured company and all our cleaners are especially trained in office cleaning. We are based in Melbourne, Victoria and have some of the largest commercial establishments including car showrooms as our clients. Apart from these, we also have the professional expertise for domestic cleaning, school cleaning, builders cleaning and flood restoration. Most importantly, our charges are very reasonable and competitive.

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