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    Benefits of Eco-friendly Cleaning

    Posted on November 7,2016
    By Doug Williams

    Many businesses are now seeing the advantages of becoming eco-friendly in their daily tasks. Making small changes, such as, replacing globes with LEDs and using recycled paper. Another area that many more businesses could direct attention to become eco-friendly, is in the choice of their cleaning service.

    Moving to a commercial office cleaning service which uses eco-friendly products, can provide a range of benefits. At Brighten Service we are passionate about being environmentally conscious, and commercial offices see three main benefits when we use green cleaning products.

    • The Smell of Clean without Chemicals

    Some believe that green cleaning supplies cannot clean as effectively as harsh chemical cleaning products. In actuality, there are no discernible differences. For many employees switching away from chemicals also removes the harsh smell that comes with products like bleach. Frequently even fragrance-free chemicals contain a distinct artificial smell. Green and natural products clean just as well, leaving a fresh, clean smell, instead of an overpowering artificial scent.

    • Your Employees Health

    One of the main reasons business are switching to eco-friendly, is for the health of their employees. By using products that are free from harsh and abrasive chemicals, employees can work in clean environments without any impact to their health.

    • Helping the environment

    The final reason to switch to a cleaning service that uses eco-friendly products is the ultimate impact on the environment. Cleaners are frequently washed straight down the drain, so their impact on the environment needs to be seriously considered.

    If you are considering changing to a commercial cleaning service that uses eco-friendly products, consider Brighten Services. At Brighten Services we service top commercial companies in Melbourne to the uppermost cleaning standards. We are conscious of our impact on the environment and always endeavour to create a high level of customer satisfaction.

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