Get in touch with the professional and reliable cleaners for domestic and commercial cleaning services in Melbourne.

About Brighten Services Australia

If you are looking for one company that offers comprehensive cleaning services, Brighten Services based in Melbourne, Victoria should be your first choice. Their range of services include domestic and commercial cleaning, office cleaning, school and aged care premises cleaning and such specialised tasks as cleaning up accumulated water from natural floods, burst water pipes, roof leaks, washing machine overflow and sewerage backup. Timely and immediate action help prevents expensive repairs and replacement of carpets and flooring.

Brighten Services was founded in 1974 and over the last four decades have built up a large customer portfolio that boasts of some of the biggest schools, car showrooms and business houses. All workers have had their antecedents verified by the police. This ensures that you can be sure that the stranger cleaning the premises is reliable and dependable and not a threat to your home or office.

Onestopmedia and Brighten Services, Australia

Brighten Services was founded in 1974, before the modern era of online digital marketing. Onestopmedia, a leading company for Search Engine Optimisation Melbourne helped them make a seamless transition to the present digital environment.

We designed an attractive and user-friendly website with keyword rich content that helped to considerably increase their online visibility. This had a great impact on getting new customers – people who had searched the Internet and were looking for a company offering cleaning services in Melbourne.

We also created a heightened online presence for Brighten Services through search engine optimisation. We carried out a detailed research on relevant industry related keywords that people use to look for cleaning services. Using them in unique content that led back to the company website resulted in increased brand awareness because of better rankings on search engines.

About Onestopmedia

Onestopmedia is an online digital marketing company. We offer effective services in web development in Melbourne as well as devising online digital marketing campaigns for increased sales and conversions and revenue generation. This also includes search engine optimisation in Melbourne.

With the help of latest analytics, we track the effectiveness of our campaigns to know which channels are maximising ROI on market spends. It also helps to measure and track visitor activities on the site and whether potential clients are converting to actual customers. Any shortcomings are usually rectified immediately.

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